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 Agents' Star Ratings
Agents earn their individual Star rating in accordance with the numbers of New Members they have personally introduced. Members do not have to be introduced within a set time period, it is a threshold that can be achieved over an unspecified time period.

As you progress through the system your Bonuses become larger as do you commissions for each new Member introduced thereafter. With the largest Bonus of all being for those Agents that have introduced 500 Members, this is clearly a target worth aiming for !

The Star rating is only presently used to distinguish the appropriate Bonuses to be paid for each Agent's activity. However, the I.B.A. are constantly reviewing additional incentive programs and therefore there may be scenarios in the future whereas 5 Star Agents are given preferential access to certain opportunities due to their performance in introducing new Members.

The Star ratings documented below are automatically awarded as each threshold is passed and the Bonus that accompanies that achievement is automatically attributed to your earnings and displayed on your Commissions page inside the Agents' Hub.

Star Ratings and Bonuses
Star Rating:
  10 Member 50 Member 100 Member 250 Member 500 Member
Bonus $100.00 $200.00 $400.00 $800.00 &$2,000.00

We believe that, the commissions we pay incorporated with the Bonuses for reaching each new level, surely makes the I.B.A. "Work from Home" Agents program one of the most rewarding opportunities presently available? Still wanting to improve this opportunity further, we welcome your feedback.
We always offer incentives

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