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So what exactly do Agents do?
Agents use their Online Control Panel to email their Contacts, making them aware of this Association and the Benefits of Membership, this is done by sending one of the email templates located in the Control Panel

Where do Agents Work?
Agents work from anywhere, but mainly from the comfort of their own homes, you choose your own hours

Do I have to make Sales Calls?
NO, you never have to make Sales or Customer Service calls, in fact you never have to speak to anyone, our Customer Service Team handle all of follow up enquiries for you

Furthermore, it is illegal in a number of countries to "Cold Call" and we certainly would not allow any of our Agents to embark on illegal activities, additionally, Cold Calling breaches our Code of Conduct

How do I get started?
You first submit an Agent's Application Form, then once approved you are given access to the Agent's Hub and Control Panel

The Control Panel is extremely user-friendly as displayed below

When you login for the first time, click the "How it Works" icon, you will then be shown exactly what to do

Then as soon as you want to start earning commissions, click the "Start Work" icon and begin sending out emails

Who do I send emails to?

To any of your network of contacts that are in business, as they are all potential Members

There is NO restrictions on the number of promotional emails you can send

How much can I earn?
Please review the Agent's Commissions page, our pay structure and bonuses are impressive!

How are Commissions tracked?
Each email you send from your Control Panel will have your Agent's I.D. attached to it

When the recipient opens the email and visits our website your I.D. will be automatically inserted into the Membership Application Form.

Once the Membership is activated, your Agent Account will then be credited with the appropriate commission

Agents' Commission Rates?
Agents commissions are performance related, but have been structured to allow anyone to reach the highest rate possible in the shortest time

When you qualify for higher levels of commissions you remain there until you qualify for even higher commissions

You do not have monthly targets to reach in order to retain your present level and you will never be demoted

Agents Application
The first step is completing the Application Form

Remember my login details
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Agent's Star Ratings

Become a 5 Star Agent
and you will earn


in Bonus every year!

Review Commissions for more details


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