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Data Protection

Physically Secure
With the I.B.A. your data will be held on a central computer (known as a “server”), located in one of the countries specially designed data central. This means that only people responsible for your data can get to the server, and the building is protected by state-of-the-art alarm and security access systems.

Not just anyone can just walk up to the computer and switch it on.

Technically Secure
With the I.B.A. your data is held behind firewall
technology – firewall are boxes that ensure that
only people with access to the computer can see
information held within it, making it almost impossible
for someone to “hack” into your information.

The server your data is held on has specially – designed reliance built into it, such-


that if any part of the server brakes, other parts carry on, ensuring that there can
be no corruption of your data du8e to technical faults.

Your data will also be backed up every night, ensuring that, even in the unlikely event of something going wrong, or even a major incident at the data centre, a copy of your data will be stored in another location and the I.B.A. will be able to provide your with continued access within a relatively short space of time.

Password Protection...
All we have mentioned above should have convinced you that only the people that really need access to you data (i.e. yourselves) can get at it. We will provide you with a username and password that together will provide you with access to your data.

Can your Password be Cracked?
With our use of (128-bit encryption) it is estimated that all the current computing power in the world would take millions of years to break the code. This encryption is so strong that until recently the US would not allow the encryption to be used as they did not want terrorists passing unreadable information around the internet!

We protect your Data
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