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Timeshare Scam - Part 2

It appears that Timeshare Owners are being targeted once again!

This latest scam promises Timeshare / Fractions Owners a way out of their contract.

Many of these illegally run companies are based in Spain and have been set up by the same fraudsters that ran the Timeshare Resale Scams five to ten years ago.

It appears they view Timeshare Owners as easy targets and seize every opportunity to exploit them.

Most of these companies are operating without a legally incorporated company, or indeed any form of operating license, they are employing telephone and sales staff without legitimate employment contracts, or making the appropriate contributions to the Spanish Tax Authorities.

Setting the company’s illegitimacy aside, the issue that will cause Timeshare Owners the biggest problem is that, many of these fraudsters are operating with STOLEN DATA!


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